Written on 03/19/2019
James Dunn

by James Dunn

STFU. Thank God for modern-day text slang. If only two of our new Democratic house members would listen, we would all be better off.

STFU. Thank God for modern-day text slang. If only two of our new Democratic house members would listen, we would all be better off.

I have lived long enough to have learned just what the old adage, “With age comes wisdom,” means. Right now it means STFU and win.

When I was 17 years old I knew everything. I was a student at an elite university, The University of Texas at Austin. My parents had limited education. There was little at that age that they could tell me. I knew EVERYTHING but depended on these two old, uneducated people for practically everything. So, why did I think my thinking was so much better than theirs? Because I lacked one important thing that they both possessed: experience. The experience that brings about wisdom. As I aged, in my eyes my parents grew smarter and smarter. They could predict things that would happen before they happen. Why? Seems each of life’s basic scenarios just repeat themselves over and over.

So, now before my court comes newly-elected United States representatives Tlaib and Ocasio Cortez. Why is it that hardly a day goes by that these two bold, outspoken women do not utter some divisive pronouncement that takes two weeks to clean up? Did they learn nothing from Bernie’s run against Hillary? Wanna know who put Trump into office? Look no further than Bernie Sanders.

Now, we have a crooked, racist fool for a president, who is under orders to destroy our country by his puppeteer, Vladimir Putin. Gee, thanks Bernie. We Democrats can take back the office of the President, but we have to be united and avoid dividing our own ranks. What we say, the Republicans WILL use against us in the future. In the 1990s I was a corporate “fix it” man for telemarketing companies. I was in pretty good demand as a man who could come in and help a company increase whatever it was they were trying to increase. I always explained to those hiring me that before I started to “fix” anything I needed six months to look over the operation. Then and only then would I begin to make changes in script, personnel, pay incentives and other things. I made companies successful because I gained wisdom before I spoke. The United States Congress works best when there is a consensus on whatever goal they are trying to reach. Right now, they are investigating Trump in order to get enough dirt on him that the Democrats can beat the Republicans at the polls in November 2020. Then we are going to lock him and his crime family behind bars for years and years. And years and years. And years and years.

There is one big problem we have with getting Trump to finally pay for his crimes: he is the sitting president. As Gingrich and the Republicans learned in the 1990s, impeaching a president is a very divisive act. Their decision to impeach Bill Clinton only made Clinton stronger. That decision also ran Gingrich and others right out of congress. The strategy House Speaker Pelosi is using can and will work if and only if she doesn’t have to take breaks to clean up shitstorms caused by people who love the camera and headlines more than they love showing Trump the door. Nancy is the voice of wisdom. Please, please, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez and Tlaib silence. Learn and speak after you become wise.

Time to STFU.

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